Project “Restoration and conservation of
St. Nicholas wooden church” SMIS code: 116941

General Informations

Ialomița County, Ialomița County Council, as a beneficiary, a signed Finance Contract no. 4073 / 01.04.2019 for the project “Restoration and conservation of the St. Nicholas wooden church” SMIS code: 116941, with the Ministry of Works, Public Development and Administration, as Managing Authority and Agency for Regional Development Center and South Regional Development Agency- Muntenia, as Intermediate Body for the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020.

The project “Restoration and preservation of the St. Nicholas Wooden Church” is implemented through the Regional Operational Program 2014 – 2020, Priority Axis 5 – Improving the importance of the urban environment and preservation, protection and sustainable use of the cultural heritage, Priority of investigation 5.1 – Conservation, protection , promotion and use of natural and cultural heritage – in the field of appeals dedicated to supporting Europe’s strategic objectives for the Danube Region (SUERD), Priority Area 3 – Promoting cultures and tourism, direct contact between people.

Wooden Church presentation:

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